There is no better way to decide if your therapist is a good fit than meeting them face to face for an initial consultation. However, it’s also nice to know that he or she has experience and expertise in their field and that others find them to be skilled and trustworthy. Here’s what peers, colleagues, and mentors are saying about me as a professional:

“Dan has been an outstanding colleague for many years, and I recommend his services without hesitation. His style is gentle and direct, and his dedication to individuals finding the truest expression of themselves is inspiring to me as a fellow psychotherapist. In a therapy market that is full of options and self-proclaimed experts, Dan is a highly trained, skilled, and humble human being with priorities I trust and admire.”

Los Angeles, CA

“In the seven years I have known Dan Entmacher, I have been increasingly impressed with his determination. Dan is a “great soul” with a wonderful balance of kindness, generosity, focus, common sense and intelligence. Dan and I worked together at college meditation classes and personal growth seminars and I can see that he brings integrity, creativity and a great sense of humor into everything he does.”

Family Therapist, Parent Coach, Mediator
Denver, CO

“Dan has a keen mind, an open heart, a positive attitude, and unquenchable enthusiasm. He’s ideal for anyone looking for more inspiration and sense of direction in their lives.”

Psychotherapist and Life Coach, Associate Professor of Contemplative Psychology, Naropa University
Boulder, CO

“Dan is a special guy! I can’t recommend him enough. He has a big heart and sincere desire to make a difference in people’s lives, and the skills, experience, creativity and care to truly make that difference.”

Career Coach and Best Selling Author of Office Yoga
Colorado Springs, CO

“Dan’s energy and enthusiasm is invaluable. The self development work Dan has done for himself over the years brings a personal aspect to his approach that nothing can replace. Simply witnessing a man with such integrity and commitment in his own life gives me hope not only for myself, but also for this hurting world we live in.”

Mindful Coach for Depression and Massage Therapist
Asheville, NC

“I met Dan Naropa University where we both went to graduate school in Transpersonal Psychology. Dan’s own personal journey has enabled him to be a compassionate and grounded psychotherapist. His presence, authenticity and integrity has always resonated with me. I am grateful to know him as a friend and colleague and would highly recommend his services as a counselor.”

Psychotherapist at SonderMind
Boulder, CO

“Dan Entmacher’s ability to listen and his intuitive awareness of the nature and significance of even the slightest details is extraordinary.”

Employee Recruiter and Marketing
Boulder, CO

“Dan is a very caring compassionate person and this comes out in all of his interactions, no matter what it is about. He has an easy disposition, but also a depth, sincerity and maturity that helps people to trust. I heartily recommend Dan!”

Nonprofit Organization Management
Denver, CO

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